April 15, 2011
Just Launched PowerStats101.com

For those followers on Tumblr, I wanted to let you know about my new project which I just launched today, PowerStats101.com

If you liked my writing about the whiteboards and player evaluations, then you’ll love PowerStats which takes into consideration the two most important factors in soccer: what happens at the change of possession and what takes place in the box.  All other statistics are ancillary.

In the PowerStats system, we track 20 statistics and, via a formula, rate strikers, playmakers, and defenders together.

Currently, we have all of Manchester United’s 2011 EPL stats, LA Galaxy’s 2011 MLS stats, and other Champions League, and international games.

The website will feature my writing as well, so you’ll get the explanation along with the stats. 


January 28, 2011
Mexico to Face Venezuela in San Diego

It has been confirmed that Mexico will meet up against Venezuela here in our backyard of San Diego on March 29th.

Details are yet to be finalized but Qualcomm Stadium is likely to be the venue.

January 21, 2011
Buddle Scores in His Debut- Galaxy Fans Feel Cheated On

For most Galaxy fans, Edson Buddle’s departure still seems like a bad nightmare that will go away with a lifting of the eye lids. Juan Pablo Angel’s signing have eased some of the pain, but for many, it’s tough to move on having just lost your top goalscorer to a struggling second division Bundesliga side who is knocking on relegation’s door.

One person who has definitely move on, however, is the American international striker himself. 

He scored today in his debut for FC Ingolstadt.  The team drew 1-1 with MSV Duisburg.

Here is the video of his classic-Buddle-style finish.

Disclaimer: for Galaxy fans, this will feel like watching your ex-girlfriend strutting around town with her new lover.  It will hurt.

January 19, 2011
A look to USA vs Chile

My crystal ball never lies.  This is what it told me is going to happen on Saturday for the USA vs Chile friendly in Los Angeles.

Disclaimer, looking into the future is a very dangerous activity and has the potential to disrupt the time/space continuum.  What you’re about to read is real and the information could alter our way of life as we know it

Enjoy Gazing into the Crystal Ball: USA vs Chile

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January 18, 2011
The Biggest Questions in the Galaxy: Part 2

For all of you Galaxy fans out there, be sure to check my latest piece for WorldSoccerReader.com where I break down the two most important issues facing the team headed into pre-season camp.

Quite a lot has happened in Los Angeles since the previous installment of the Biggest Questions in the Galaxy: a supplemental draft pick was traded for a player, a leading goal scorer was lost, a world famous superstar slipped through the clutches, a Ted-Williams-second-chance-at-life striker was brought in for allocation money, and a former designated player’s contract continues to hang in the balance.

Ah, there is nothing like being able to spot a Galaxy fan by the length of their chewed finger nails.  It must still be the off-season.

Of the four Los Angeles Galaxy post-season questions asked by WorldSoccerReader.com a month ago, only one was answered: What is the next off-season move for the Galaxy? The answer: Gregg Berhalter being named as first ever player/coach for the Galaxy. While interesting, this move, along with all others made by the Galaxy front office this off-season, will certainly not have fans jamming up the Galaxy season ticket phone lines.

So with only a few weeks remaining until training camp and the start of the 2011 season bearing down like a Chinese high-speed train, we ask the two updated Biggest Questions in the Galaxy.

Click here to read the full story

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